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About Cowboy Country BBQ Sauce, LLC
     In 2004, Aaron Hand of McLoud, Oklahoma began making homemade BBQ sauce for family and friends. After trying for eight years to get his BBQ sauce recipe perfected, he finally hit on that right flavor with a unique flair, or "depth" if you will. Aaron brought his idea for the recipe to his wife, Sonya and his former classmate of McLoud High School, Kevin Wlliams and together they formed what is now, Cowboy Country BBQ Sauce, LLC.
     In June of 2014, Aaron and Sonya sold the recipe as well as their percentage of the partnership to Kevin. And to this day, Kevin is carrying on the dream of providing customers with, "The Sauce that will make your mouth GIDDY-UP & GO! " 
Kevin Williams, Owner

Committed to providing the best BBQ sauce money can buy.